TruNorthwest Exchange embodies the Northwest outdoor lifestyle

TRU-Genuine, Authentic, Honest




Our journey started in 2007 when we first visited Central Oregon and fell in love with its beauty, community, and lifestyle.  We moved to Bend shortly after to raise our 3 children and our experience has been nothing but remarkable.  We never imagined how much access we would have to year-round outdoor activities for the whole family.  Snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and wakeboarding are our absolute favorites.  Having a growing family to gear up every year, we quickly realized how expensive it can get, not to mention how bad it is for the environment.  We were determined to find high quality pre-owned gear and equipment to support our family's active lifestyle.

We have been reselling on Ebay since 2004 as a hobby and more recently as our full time business.  One day we thought, how awesome it would it be to start a consignment store that can be accessed online?  A consignment store that only accepts top-brand, authentic, and high quality items.  A consignment store that sells worldwide.  Not only can local residents make the most money from their quality outdoor gear and equipment, they can also save time and money by shopping online to find exactly what they need.

And that is how TruNorthwest Exchange was born.  TRU-Timeless, Renewed, and Useful is just a good way to live!


Lesley & Adrian Gimeno