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Howdy! We are eager to welcome you to the TruNorthwest Exchange family & introduce you to the idea that is the TNX movement.

Our Journey: How we came to be & why we do what we do:

TruNorthwest Exchange was brought to life due to a long-standing passion for the renewal & repurposing of apparel and gear. With the business idea dating back to 2007, owner Lesley, had first established an online community as a parent, based around the reselling of apparel and gear as she realized the expense of keeping a growing family geared up for an active lifestyle. What was once a hobby, blossomed into a way of living, and furthermore a company. As the journey continued, the business expanded into TruNorthwest Exchange; a consignment shop that facilitates online and works to provide the resale of top brand gear and apparel for outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

The Method Behind TNX:

The functionality of the company was a key component of the initial business plan, as TNX was developed to serve as a local gear shop for those in all corners of the world. By promoting the concept of an online gear consignment shop, TNX is forging a path in modern society as an outlet for families and outdoor enthusiasts to live in a more sustainable way. For the last year, TruNorthwest Exchange has been dedicated to providing an easy to use online platform that is focused around lessening manufacturing demands, lowering costs & removing the short cycle mentality within the outdoor community. 

Get to Know TNX:

As a Pacific Northwest based business, TruNorthwest Exchange is rooted centrally in Bend, Oregon, home to founders, Lesley & Adrian. The business is focused primarily online, as an e-commerce consignment shop. Over the years the business has developed dynamic partnerships & collaborative ways of functioning. For those local to the area, the Eastside TNX Warehouse & office is available to the public, with appointments for consignment drop off and local gear pick ups. For those who visit and communicate with us via our website, TNX offers many outlets of communication. Visitors can email, call, or chat on messenger with our gear techs & representatives.