Why Try Winter Camping?

Why Try Winter Camping?

You don’t have to put your camping adventures on hold just because old man winter drops by. In fact, winter camping isn’t that much different than summer camping. Sure, you’re going to bring more layers, use slightly different gear, but if you’re up for a fun winter adventure with a side of snow , then do it! 

The winter season brings out a cozy chill to the air, favorite sweaters and a unique and calm landscape where animals hibernate and so do people. 

But if you’re not into hibernating and looking for a wintertime adventure, then it’s time you try winter camping and here are just a few reasons why you should. 

Fewer People & Tranquility. You know how crazy campgrounds, trails and wilderness areas can be during the summer. You want to get away from the hustle and bustle and surround yourself with nature and silence. But, instead you find yourself being surrounded by screaming kids, RV generators, or 100 other backpackers at your favorite lake. 

Instead, imagine yourself bundled up sitting next to a roaring campfire with a freshly poured cup of hot chocolate with a dash of whiskey. You look up to a night sky that’s filled with stars, the trees are blanketed in snow, and the only sound you hear is the crackling of the fire and your voice howling at the moon. 

Winter camping offers peace. With fewer people and silent winter nights you receive the gift of tranquility in nature that summer can’t always offer. 

Year-Round Outdoor Fun. If you’re outdoorsy and love to spend time outside, why give it up in the winter? Use your daytime winter toys like skis, snowshoes and fat bikes with your camping gear and turn it into overnight winter fun. 

Cross Country ski a mile out into the backcountry and set up camp. You can pick your campsite, stay miles away from anyone else, set up a tent for shelter. And don’t forget to heat up some water for hot cocoa or a hot toddy because you’ve earned it. 

A New Appreciation and Bragging Rights. Have you ever thought about winter camping? What’s it like? Will you have fun? Yes, you will! 

Full disclosure, winter camping isn’t for everyone. Not as many people winter camp, because let’s face it, it’s cold. But, because you’re brave, adventurous, and willing to try what most people think is crazy this will earn you automatic bragging rights. 

Plus, while others might think you’re crazy for going out camping in the winter, you’re actually camping in a high quality tent that protects you from the elements and sleeping in a sleeping bag that wraps you

in warmth. So, what they don’t know is that with the right gear, you can be as comfortable as you would be in a mountain lodge and you get the whole place to yourself. 

Winter camping can remind you to appreciate the small things, like being toasty in your sleeping bag, eating a hot hearty meal, or enjoying a snowball fight with your BFF. 

Snowshoeing two miles to camp, carrying 20lbs of gear, sleeping in 20 degree temps, and making yellow snow might sound grueling to some, but it is an adventure unlike any other that will always live in your memories and make you appreciate how easy and charming life can be sometimes. 

Bye bugs, hello stars and campfires. One of best things about winter camping? NO bugs! That means no mosquitoes, wasps, spiders or ants. During the winter months it’s just too cold for them, so ditch the Deet and enjoy being outside bug free. 

Winter nights can also bring clear skies filled with billions of stars for your viewing pleasure. So, don’t forget to look up and try and find Cassiopeia or the Big Dipper or maybe you’ll even catch a shooting star making its quick way across the night sky. 

And of course, one of the best parts of camping is the campfire. It brings comfort, heat, and people together. Whether you’re making S’mores, chatting, or just staring into the ever changing flames, it’s a must when camping. And, in the winter when it’s 28 degrees at night, a campfire will bring you warmth and comfort like no other. 

Remember, camping is something you can do year round and winter camping offers you some advantages that summer camping often can’t; fewer people, a new appreciation, and a tranquility in nature. 

When you winter camp, make sure you have warm layers, hearty food and the right gear. Here at TruNorthwest Exchange, we make it incredibly easy and rent the winter camping gear you need. So, don’t worry about buying gear, instead, rent it. By renting, you don’t have to travel with it, it’s more sustainable, and it saves you money. It’s that easy.

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