Northwest Hot Springs That Warm Your Winter Soul

Northwest Hot Springs That Warm Your Winter Soul

Hot Springs in the wintertime. Is there anything better? Watching the snow fall quietly around you while soaking in a pool of naturally heated water that’s nestled in a lush forest.

Hot springs do wonders. Whether you’re looking to detox in all those minerals, or just want to find a little winter escape in nature to warm back up. Winter is the best time to discover hot springs. And, if you’re lucky you might find that you’re the only one visiting some of these during winter months. 

Whether you’re looking for a secluded hot spring and are willing to hike in for it or a hot spring that’s easy to get to and has amenities, We’ve got you covered. 

These 10 Hot Springs in the PNW provide a breathtaking way to naturally detox, relax, soak up the views and stay warm this winter. We’ll start our trip in Washington, then head over to Idaho and end in Oregon.

So, don’t forget your swimsuit and towel, because we’re headed off to some truly epic hot springs of the PNW.

  • Sol Duc Hot Springs WA. Located in the lush rainforest of Olympic National Park, Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort offers soaking pools, a freshwater pool and rustic cabins if you want to stay the night. Surround yourself with old growth rainforests, waterfalls and the Sol Duc River. And, if you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of Bigfoot. I hear he visits from time to time for a relaxing detox. 
  • Olympic Hot Springs WA. Remote, stunning, lush, peaceful and glowing are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Olympic Hot Springs. A scenic 2.5 mile hike in the Olympic National Park takes you to these hot springs that are nestled on a hillside with views that are draped in glowing green forests. 
  • Goldmyer Hot Springs WA. For the adventure lover, this 9 mile round trip hike takes you Goldmyer Hot Springs located in the lush Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. You’ll find several crystal clear pools, and one of them is even tucked into a cave. They are a privately owned by a non-profit and you’ll want to make reservations ahead of time to book your spot. 
  • Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs ID. An easy to get to hot springs located just outside of Sun Valley, you’ll find Frenchman’s Bend. There are three pools to choose from and they are right along side Warm Springs Creek. If you’re brave enough, take a cold dip in the creek and then slip back into the welcoming 124°F water. During the winter let the snow fall around you and enjoy the piping hot waters of these hot springs.
  • Kirkham Hot Springs ID. One of Idaho’s most famous hot springs and for good reason. It’s located along the Payette River and has a variety of pools with varying temperatures. You’ll even find a cascading waterfall pouring from one pool to another, it’s the best natural shower you’ll ever get! Be prepared to share these hot springs with other visitors, but in winter months it tends to be less crowded giving you a more tranquil soak.
  • Trail Creek Hot Springs ID. Here you’ll find two crystal clear pools lined with boulders that sit amongst a wintery forest and mountains. It’s a very short walk to the hot springs, but it’s steep and in winter the trail can get quite icy, so be careful.
  • Crystal Crane Hot Springs OR. Located in the wide-open scenic desert of eastern Oregon, Crystal Crane offers private bathhouses and a public pond. You can stay the night in their campground, RV park, in a private room or even in your very own Teepee. These hot springs are a hidden treasure in a remote part of Oregon. 
  • Summer Lake Hot Springs OR. Most come here for the rustic cabins and private springs, but Summer Lake HS are also steeped in history. Thousands of years ago this area was a hot spot for migratory humans for hunting, harvesting and maybe even a soak. So not only will you find relaxation here, but you might find yourself thinking about our roots as humans and those who walked here long before us. 
  • Hart Mountain Hot Springs OR. Located in a remote part of the southeastern Oregon desert, these two pools offer views of Hart Mountain, wide open desert for days and a tranquility that’s as relaxing as the Hart Mountain pools themselves. 
  • Belknap Hot Springs OR. Located in the lush, forested Willamette Valley, these privately owned hot springs offer camping, cabins and a large piping hot pool that sits alongside the McKenzie River. And be sure to bring your hiking boots, fly rod and mountain bike because this area is an outdoor lover’s paradise! 

Visiting hot springs of the Pacific Northwest during winter gives you an amazing way to discover new places, have a hot soak on a cold day, and get some detox and relaxation. What could be better.

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