Mountain Biking Bend Oregon for Beginners

Mountain Biking Bend Oregon for Beginners

Mountain biking Bend Oregon is like being an eight year old kid going to Disneyland for the first time, it’s freaking awesome!

Bend MTB trails are some of the most playful, flowy, and best built and maintained trails in the west. You’ll find a seemingly endless number of miles of sweet single track trails that will keep the seasoned rider to the beginner completely stoked on riding.

From fast flowy single track on Phil’s Trail, to tabletop jumps on Lower Whoops, you’ll find a trail that will suit your needs, skill level and adrenaline desires.

If your adrenaline desires are on the lower side of the scale or you’re new to mountain biking, then you came to the right place.

Bend Oregon has loads of trails for the new and intermediate rider that will get you excited about mountain biking, but not overwhelmed.

So, grab your bike and let’s get ready to ride some sweet brag-worthy entry level MTB trails in Bend Oregon.

Phil’s Trail Complex is by far one of the most popular and well-loved trail systems in the Bend area and is a great place to start your ride. Located just 3 miles out of town making it an easy ride to the trail head, you’ll find several trails that take off from here.

My favorite loop to start with is Ben’s to Phil’s. This eight mile directional loop gives you a taste of the Central Oregon dirt. It has a few technical features like rocks gardens and subtle drops to keep it interesting and challenging but still allows even the newest of riders to feel confident and comfortable.

Another great trail in the Phil’s complex is Kent’s trail. This smooth flowy trail has a few great descents or climbs, depending on the direction you take it and it’s super easy to loop with Ben’s or Phil’s.

Deschutes River Trail is a favorite for its scenery. Located along the Deschutes River this trail is a great out and back with views of the Deschutes, Benham falls and blooming wildflowers in early Summer. You could also loop it with Catch and Release which is a fun and mellow single track trail. And this gets you a different ride instead just an out and back.

Be aware, the Deschutes River trail is also used by hikers and sightseers, so it this is not a trail for speed seekers, but it’s a great trail for the family or those looking to take their time. Most of the riding is smooth and simple, but you will find a few challenging short climbs and rocky sections. And, note that hikers have the right of way, so slow down, stop and be courteous.

Tumalo Creek Trail is a great bit of out and back single track with a gradual climb on the way out and nice fun descent on the way down. Starting from Skyliner Snopark you’ll have three miles of riding then you’ll be rewarded with the sights and sounds of the tremendous Tumalo Falls. The must see waterfall in the Central Oregon area. Like the Deschutes River trail, this is also a popular hiking trail, so be aware of hikers and give them the right of way.

Peterson Ridge located right outside the charming town of Sisters is another trail network with shorter and longer loops that are great for all skill levels. With up to 25 miles of trails you can ride them all or pick a shorter loop. You’ll find smooth single track with some rocky sections that are pretty easy to navigate. Plus, when you’re done with your ride, make stop by Three Creeks Brewery for a tasty beverage.

Maston Trail is located between Bend and Redmond and has some of the best high desert riding around. This beginner and intermediate friendly trail system offers 19 miles of trail with shorter loop options. The area is fairly flat with a handful of moderately technical sections. Along the Rockbar Trail you’ll have amazing views of the canyon below with the Deschutes River flowing through.

Maston can get quite sandy in the summer months, so I recommend this trail in the early Spring, Fall or winter months. However, it’s open year round and is another great option for beginner riders or those looking for a high desert ride filled with ancient junipers and panoramic canyon views. 

Well, there you have it, a few fantastic trails in the Bend area for the beginner rider that are shred worthy.

If you’re traveling to Bend this summer, be sure to put mountain biking on your to-do list. You’ll have an absolute blast riding in one of the most visited and ridden trail systems in the west!


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