How to Pack your Winter Backpack

How to Pack your Winter Backpack

Packing your winter backpack the right way ensures that you’ll have the comfort, fun and gear you’ll need for your overnight winter wonderland adventure.

 When packed correctly, your pack will take weight off your back and shoulders giving you more comfort and energy for hiking. And, backpacking packs are designed to carry equipment on the inside and outside for convenience and ease of getting to what you need, when you need it.


Think of the inside of your pack as three different sections; bottom, middle, & top. Each section is packed differently based on weight and what you’ll want while you’re hiking versus when you reach camp.

 Straps and pockets on the outside of your pack frees up room on the inside and gives you easier access to needed items while you’re hiking.

 Where and what goes on the inside;

 Bottom: Bulkier items you don’t need while hiking.

1. Tent (remove poles, they’ll go on the outside)
2. Sleeping bag
3. Sleeping pad
4. Extra shoes

Middle: Weight in the middle keeps pressure off your lower back.

1. Stove, fuel & camp kitchen
2. Food (not your snacks)
3. Extra water
4. Clothing

Top: Core items you might need on the trail and want to easily access.

1. Waterproof layers, extra gloves & insulated jacket
2. First aid kit, emergency items
3. Headlamp
4. Phone & passes
5. Toilet paper, trowel & trash bag

 Where and what goes on the outside;

Pockets: Smaller easily accessed items you need while hiking.

1. Insulated water bottle
2. Snacks
3. Map & compass
4. Sunscreen

Compression Straps: Larger items that don’t fold or stuff down.

1. Tent poles
2. Camp chair
3. Trekking poles

Note: if there’s any risk of avalanche danger where you’re going, then each person should bring a beacon, probe and shovel. 

Now that you know how to pack for winter backpacking and are ready to go get some, let TruNorthwest Exchange hook you up with the best and easiest backpacking rentals around.

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