Easy Meals for Winter Backpacking

Easy Meals for Winter Backpacking

Winter backpacking food is all about keeping it easy, packable, and most importantly delicious!

 After a day of hiking and exploring, setting up camp, and building that handsome snowman, you’re going to be hungry. So, make it easy on yourself and bring foods that don’t take a lot of time to make.

 You can bring freeze dried meals that are hot and scrumptious in minutes. Or, if you’re more of a gourmand, take some extra ingredients with you and cook something creative and mouthwatering.

 Take snacks while you’re hiking. They should have lots of good fats and calories in them to replace the ones you’re burring off. Here’s some favorites;

· On the go: Nuts, jerky, energy bars, trail mix, chocolate, dried fruit, carrot sticks

· Pit stop: Smoked salmon, cheese, crackers, fresh fruit, avocado 

When the hike is done for the day and you’ve set up your tent and explored the snow covered landscape that’s all yours, you’re going to be hungry. Here are some ideas for easy, mouthwatering filling meals;

· Freeze dried meals. They come in a variety of flavors, dietary options, and they take up very little room and weight in your pack. And the best part is, in minutes you have a hot and hearty meal.

· Start with an easy base and add to it. Quinoa, rice, potatoes, pasta. Then add a protein like beans, tuna, cooked chicken. Then toss in flavoring like taco seasoning, soy sauce, curry powder, hot sauce, etc.

· If you really don’t feel like cooking, then keep riding the snack train.

· For breakfast wake up with instant hot coffee with a dash of vanilla creamer, you might think you’re at your local coffee shop. Oatmeal with dried fruit and honey, or a freeze-dried hot and scrumptious omelet in minutes. 

Winter backpacking food is delicious, easy to make and you never have to go without your favorites, even on the trail. At TruNorthwest Exchange we offer delicious meals from Patagonia, so don’t forget to add those to your cart along with your rental gear.

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