8 Simple Winter Cocktails to Enjoy Around Camp

8 Simple Winter Cocktails to Enjoy Around Camp

On your winter camping trip this year make sure you mix up some delicious wintertime cocktails. They’ll help you warm up and keep that smile going all weekend long.

Winter camping is all about having fun, connecting with nature and friends, taking a break from the stresses of everyday life, and creating happiness. And, you know what else can help create happiness? Yep, you guessed it, booze.

Here are eight simple cocktail recipes that take few ingredients and are easy to make around camp this winter. And, the best past is, they are so delicious that you might have to have another.

1. Hot Toddy. A classic that keeps you warm and cozy around the campfire. Add a slice of lemon, a cinnamon stick, a spoonful of honey, and your favorite Whiskey to hot water and ta-da, it’s a hot toddy!
2. Irish Coffee. Warm up in the morning (I won’t tell anyone) with an Irish Coffee. Make your favorite brew, add a little maple syrup, Irish Whiskey and top with a heap of whip cream.
3. Apple Cider Mules. A crisp refreshing drink for after your snowball fight. Take apple cider, ginger beer, a dash of lime juice, and vodka and mix. Ahhh, so refreshing!
4. Pear Mimosas. Ring in the New Year with this easy classic champagne cocktail. You can add any juice you love, but pear brings a winter flavor with a subtle sweetness. Just pour Champagne and pear juice together and cheers.
5. Boozy Chai Latte. Add some spice and warmth to your cocktail with Chai Tea. Add Hot water, chai tea, a cinnamon stick and Bourbon for a warm spiced beverage.
6. Peppermint White Russian. Pour Kalua, Vodka, Peppermint Schnapps over ice and top with Heavy Cream. What winter Dude wouldn’t love this drink.
7. Cranberry Margarita. Create a winter fiesta by adding cranberry juice to this classic. Mix cranberry juice, lime juice, Triple Sec and your favorite tequila and pour on the rocks. Salud!
8. Spiked Hot Chocolate. Cozy up with this super easy beverage. Heat up some water or milk, add some instant coca and your favorite liquor. I recommend Spiced Rum, Vodka, Baileys or Red Wine. You should also add a toasted marshmallow on top, because, well do I need to explain?

Whatever your winter drink of choice is, there’s no better place to drink it than at camp with friends, in the snow and next to a roaring campfire. Wait, that sounds so great that if you need me, that’s where I’ll be. I hope to see you there, cheers!

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