Consignment Terms And Conditions

Trunorthwest Exchange (TNX), based in Bend, Oregon, is an online outdoor gear consignment store which sells goods worldwide on its site


Consignors earn store credit in the amount of 70% of the sale or a check in the amount of 60% of the sale.


We accept outdoor gear and apparel in any season as long as it is high-end (see brand list), clean, authentic, current within 5 years or desirable vintage, and in excellent to new condition.  We do not accept anything from Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer, etc. or shorts, t-shirts, accessories, or general merchandise valued at less than $30.  Please contact us if you are not sure and we would be happy to assist.


Our service partner, Rugged Thread, can restore your broken items to a usable and sellable condition.  They repair tents, sleeping bags, outerwear, packs, and broken zippers of all kinds.  We will gladly make all the arrangements and deduct the cost from your consignment credit/payout.  Simply fill out our online consignment request form and we will determine if there is an equitable solution.

Pick up and Drop Off

Consignors located in the Northwest US can request a free shipping carrier pick-up by filling out the online consignment request form.  We will send a pre-paid shipping label straight to your inbox within 1 business day (exclusions apply).  Local consignors can drop off their consignment items at Rugged Thread located at 2525 NE Twin Knolls Dr Ste 9, Bend, OR 97701 after they have filled out the online consignment request form.


TNX reserves the right to determine the sale price of all accepted items. TNX staff uses industry knowledge, MSRP, condition of the item(s), current market value of item(s), and other considerations to determine the price. Prices will automatically be discounted 10% every 30 days up to 50%


All accepted items are listed for sale on our website and some items are also listed on our Ebay store.  The process of receiving boxes, creating an inventory of your items, photographing them and listing them typically takes about three to five business days.  TNX reserves the right to refuse to list any items we deem are unsellable due to brand name, low resale value, condition or authenticity issues.  Once your items are inventoried, you will receive an item list with our proposed starting prices, items we are un-able to sell and your own secure personal code to check the status of your items on the consignor portal.


Once your item sells, we will automatically email you within 1 business day an electronic credit in the amount of 70% of the sale price, good for 1 year, to be used on future TNX online purchases.  You may also email within 1 year of the sale date to request a check be mailed to you in the amount of 60% of the sale price as long as the store credit has not been used.  If you item sells on Ebay, the sale price used to calculate your credit or payout will be reduced by 10% to cover applicable Ebay fees.

Time Limit

Consignors agree to leave items on consignment for a minimum of 60 days and to not list item(s) for sale on any other platforms or marketplaces while the item is consigned with TNX.  Items over 60 days or unlisted items can be picked up upon request.  After 12 months, any items not picked up will become the property of TNX or donated.  We are also able to ship items back to the consignor at the consignor's expense.

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