Consignment Agreement

Consignment Payout Breakdown

Payout to consignor is for the final price of each item sold:

Item Sold You Receive:
$1-99 50% (or 60% store credit)
$100-299 60% (or 70% store credit)
$300-499 70% (or 80% store credit)
$500+ 80% (or 90% store credit)

Consignor expectations

All consignors confirm that he/she is the unrestricted owner of the item(s) that he/she is consigning.

Gear Expectations

TruNorthwest Exchange (TNX) will only accept items that are modern (except for a few vintage items), clean, sanitary, in good working order and functioning properly. TNX reserves the right to refuse any item(s) brought in for consignment based on condition, brand, season, and other factors. If an item, after initially accepted for consignment, is subsequently found to be defective (not clean or in good working order), the consignor will be notified to reclaim the item.


TNX reserves the right to determine the sale price of all accepted items. TNX staff uses industry knowledge, MSRP, condition of the item(s), current market value of item(s), local factors, consigner recommendation, and other considerations to determine the price. Prices will automatically be discounted 10% after 30 days, 20% after 60 days, and 30% after 90 days.

Time Limit and Discounts

TNX operates on a two season model: winter and summer. At the end of each season (March 31st or September 30th), items that have not sold must be picked up within 14 days.  Any item(s) not picked up after this time will become property of the store or donated.

Consignors agree to leave items on consignment for a minimum of 60 days and to not list item(s) for sale on any other platforms or marketplaces while the item is consigned with TNX.


TNX will attempt to contact consignors using your then current contact information in your consignor account one time after an item sells. It is then the consignor’s responsibility to request payout. Checks can be picked up in person at the store the day after your item(s) sell. Store credit will also be available the day after the sale of your item(s) and can be seen in the ConsignorAccess portal. For a $1 handling fee, payments can also be made via Paypal or by mailing a check.

TNX will hold your consignor payout for one year from the sell date of the item. TNX will attempt to contact you using the current contact information in your consignor account to confirm method of payment. If your consignor payout is not requested within one year of the sell date of the item, the payout will become property of TNX or donated.


TNX will show respect and care for consigned items. In the event of damage or loss due to theft, fire, water, vandalism, negligent handling by customers, or other adverse events our liability is limited to the most recent list price of the item minus our commission. In the event of such damage or loss, TNX will attempt to contact consignors using your then current contact information in your consignor account. Any claims by the consignor will be waived after 90 days of TNX’s initial issuance of notice to the consignor of such damage or loss and the failure of the consignor to request reimbursement during that 90 day period.

Consignor releases all claims against TNX beyond the above payout and/or damage reimbursement amount including claims against TNX’s insurer(s) and TNX’s insurance coverage.

Updating Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the consignor to contact TNX to provide any updated contact and address information.