Tips for Winter Hiking with Your Dog

Tips for Winter Hiking with Your Dog

Wintertime is the perfect time to hike with your dog! And I’m going to give you some easy to use tips for some fun and safedog friendly winter hiking.

 Why is wintertime a great time to hike with your dog? It gets her outside, there’s fewer people and you get some quality time together outdoors.

 Plus, don’t you want to be the best dog parent ever this winter? If so, then take your best dog pal on a winter hike.

 Don’t let the wintertime blues and shorter colder days get to you, instead go have some fun together outside.

 Here are some easy tips to use to make sure that you and your bestie have a fun and safe experience on the trail. Bow-wow!

 Make sure she’s comfortable in the snow. Before you take her hiking, spend a few minutes in the snow and see how she reacts. Is she having fun? Does she seem nervous? Isshe running in circles like a crazy happy goofball? If so,then she’s good to go.

Keep her warm. Some dogs get cold easily or have short fur and a sweater or jacket will keep them warm. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to wear a matching one, it’s a fine line.
Check those paws for ice. Dogs can get snow and ice clumped on their paws and pads. This can be quite painful and uncomfortable. If their having troubles, invest in some winter dog boots. This could also be a golden opportunity for Instagram as they walk around in them for the first time.
Less things to chase. Winter is a fantastic time to hike with her because there are fewer bugs like ticks and mosquitoes out, and there’s less wildlife to chase.
Trail etiquette. Make sure you’re taking her places that allow dogs. Not all snoparks or trails do, so check regulations before you go. Also, how does she do around other dogs and people? This is probably something you already know, but make sure she’s polite, no bite, stays near you and out of other’s way.
Safety first. Make sure youre aware of hazards, such as frozen lakes, avalanche zones and things that could be buried in the snow that she could trip on or fall into. Be a good parent and always remember safety first.
Water and snacks. Bring her some treats and fresh water. Even though it’s cold, she’s using a lot of energy and will need to stay hydrated. Plus, because she’s the best dog ever why not keep her rewarded and full with lots of yummy dog snacks.

Dogs love to explore. Whether it’s at the dog park, tasting what’s in the neighbor’s trash (bad dog!) or especially hiking with their dog parent. Dogs are always up for an adventure any time of year.

So, if you want some extra snuggles and the dog parent of the year award then take her on a safe and adventure filled winter hike. She’ll love you even more for it and sleep like a log tonight.



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