How To Stay Dry Camping in the Rain

Here in the PNW there’s no shortage of camping, there’s also no shortage of rain. But that doesn’t mean you have to let the weather gods keep you indoors when it rains, instead keep camping.

Camping in the rain definitely comes with its challenges. Like staying dry, keeping a positive attitude and spending time outside. But if you follow these tips then camping in the rain just got a lot drier, easier and fun. So, sit back, listen to the rain, watch the storm roll in and stay dry and cozy.

  • Check the weather before you go so you can plan and pack accordingly. With weather apps right on your phone, you can easily pull up conditions by the day or even hour.
  • Bring a high-quality tent with a waterproof rainfly. If it’s been a while since you’ve used your tent, bring some seam sealer and a repair kit just in case. If you don’t own a nice tent, no worries. At you can rent a top-quality waterproof tent so you’re camping adventure will be nothing but dry and fun!
  • Pitch your tent on high ground. If your tent is pitched on low ground, water can collect and pool in and around it, making it a soggy night.
  • Place a tarp over your tent. You can pitch a tarp over your tent giving you extra coverage.
  • Put a tarp or footprint under your tent. Just make sure that tarp isn’t sticking out from under your tent. If it is, then water can pool up around and under your tent making things wet.
  • Create a covered living and cooking space. Use a tarp or two to create a covered space over your cooking and hanging out area. You’ll also want some extra cord and tent stakes to use for this. But, having a dry area to eat and hang out will keep your spirits high.
  • Get a campfire going. Yes, you can still have a campfire in the rain. Keep your firewood dry by storing under your car or wrapped in a tarp. Having a campfire in the rain is a guaranteed attitude changer.
  • Take plastic storage and trash bags to keep important items extra dry. Clothing, electronics, food, things that you want to make sure stay completely dry.
  • Wear clothing that will keep you dry and insulated. A waterproof jacket, pants and shoes will help keep you dry on your hike, or even just walking from camp to the bathroom. Also, make sure your layers are insulating. Wool is fantastic.
  • Bring some extra clothing to change into and never sleep in wet cloths.
  • Bring some entertainment. In case you get stuck in your tent or under your shelter a little longer than you want, bring some games, books, a journal and of course make sure that beer cooler is full.
  • Go play in the rain and have fun! Take a hike, go find a quiet spot in the trees and listen to the rain drip from the leaves. Or go find some mudpuddles to jump in. You’re outside, camping and not at work. So, make the most of it, rain or shine.

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